BMW Alcantara Flat Bottom Black N Red Gloss Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel for G/F Chassis- CARBONE Signature Design for G20 G30 G80 G82 G87 M2 M3 M4 M2 M340i

$950.00 USD $1,250.00 USD


    CARBONE's Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels feature our signature flat bottom / flat top hybrid design. This unprecedented design has been crafted to combine tactical functionality with utmost comfort. Crafted with a perfect fusion of Gloss Carbon Fiber, and luxurious Alcantara material paired with top leather stripe, this steering wheel embodies the epitome of modern automotive elegance.







  1. Durability and Style: Crafted from premium-quality Carbon Fiber and Alcantara, these steering wheels are built to last, maintaining their performance and aesthetics over time. The sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your BMW’s interior, elevating its overall look and feel. All materials and color combination that have been chosen for this steering wheel have been custom specced by our CARBONE technical design team right here in Southern California.
  2. OEM Core: Our OEM core steering wheels are designed to seamlessly integrate into BMW new F and G chassis interiors.
  3. Easy Installation: Experience hassle-free installation with our plug-and-play design. All of our Steering Wheels come complete with all the necessary modules, and trims, as shown in the photos excluding the airbag and paddle shifters, ensuring a seamless integration process.
  4. Precise Control: Whether you’re on the track or navigating city streets, our steering wheels offer unparalleled control over your vehicle’s handleling and experience a more engaging driving experience.


What’s in the box:

  • CARBONE'S Steering wheel Core (no need to ship old one back to us
  • Carbon Fiber Trim
  • Control modules (buttons)
  • Airbag (Optional)


G87 2 Series (2023+) > M2 (2023+)

G20 (2019+) > 330i
G20 (2019+) > 330i xDrive
G20 (2019+) > M340i
G20 (2019+) > M340i xDrive
G80 (2021+) > M3 (2021+)
G80 (2021+) > M3 Competition RWD (2021+)
G80 (2021+) > M3 xDrive Competition (2021+)

G22 / G23 (2021+) > 430i
G22 / G23 (2021+) > 430i xDrive
G22 / G23 (2021+) > M440i
G22 / G23 (2021+) > M440i xDrive
G26 (2022+) > 430i Gran Coupe
G26 (2022+) > 430i xDrive Gran Coupe
G26 (2022+) > M440i xDrive Gran Coupe
G82 / G83 (2021+) > M4 (2021+)
G82 / G83 (2021+) > M4 CSL
G82 / G83 (2021+) > M4 Competition RWD (2021+)
G82 / G83 (2021+) > M4 xDrive Competition (2021+)

F90 (2018-2023) > M5 (2018-2023)
G30 (2017-2023) > 530i
G30 (2017-2023) > 530i xDrive
G30 (2017-2023) > 540i (B58A 2017-2019)
G30 (2017-2023) > 540i (B58C 2020-2023)
G30 (2017-2023) > 540i xDrive (B58A 2017-2019)
G30 (2017-2023) > 540i xDrive (B58C 2020-2023)
G30 (2017-2023) > M550i xDrive N63R (2017-2019)
G30 (2017-2023) > M550i xDrive N63T3 (2020-2023)

F91 / F92 / F93 (2020+) > M8 / M8 Competition
G14 / G15/G16 (2019+) > 840i xDrive
G14 / G15/G16 (2019+) > M850i xDrive

X3 Series
G01 X3 (2018+) > X3 M40i
G01 X3 (2018+) > X3 xDrive30i
X4 Series
G02 X4 (2019+) > X4 M40i
G02 X4 (2019+) > X4 xDrive30i
X5 Series
G05 X5 (2019+) > X5 xDrive M50i
G05 X5 (2019+) > X5 xDrive M60i
G05 X5 (2019+) > X5 xDrive40i B58C (2019-2023)
G05 X5 (2019+) > X5 xDrive50i
X6 Series
G06 X6 (2020+) > X6 xDrive M50i
G06 X6 (2020+) > X6 xDrive M60i
X7 Series
G07 X7 (2019+) > X7 M50i
G07 X7 (2019+) > X7 M60i
G07 X7 (2019+) > X7 xDrive40i B58C (2019-2022)
G07 X7 (2019+) > X7 xDrive50i


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